Tulsa Estate Sale

Exclusive Tulsa Estate

This is a lovely EXCLUSIVE Tulsa ESTATE with nice furnishings in the exclusive golf course of Tulsa, OK.

Short Description: A complete kitchen: pots and pans, vintage Pyrex, lots of kitchen utensils, etc. Living room furniture: Coffee table, sofa, love seat, few side tables, etc. Bedrooms: twin bed set, king bed set, TV armoire, office desk, Apple iMac computer, tools, ladies clothing, etc. Seasonal/Outdoors, several out door patio sets, lawn chairs, some planters, etc. As we learn more about this estate sale we will let you know the details, buyers terms, etc.

Buyer Terms:
1.) We accept all credit/debit cards and cash, absolutely no checks.
2.) All merchandise is purchased AS-IS, WHERE-IS, No Exceptions! We cannot provide moving services. Moving services are is follows: moving items for you to the front counter to check out, moving items to your car or home, even if it’s next door.
3.) Absolutely all sales are final, inspect all purchases before you buy them.
4.) You may make a bid on anything you find at the sale, however all sales are full price until the second day from 1pm. to 3pm.
5.) If you have a question about pricing, our services or you’d like to know how to get on our emailing list you can ask anyone with an apron.
6.) All dealers are welcome, but will be asked for their valid OTC tax permit in order to avoid taxation.
7.) We are required to collect taxes on all purchases.
8.) We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone for any reason.
9.) If you purchase an item, but leave it behind, forget it, for any reason, we cannot be held responsible. Take your purchases with you, please we absolutely are not responsible for your merchandise!
10.) Please be respectful of everyone while at an estate sale, if not you’ll be asked to leave immediately.
11.)When you make a purchase, you agree to these terms. No refunds. No exceptions!

Saturday 3pm to 4pm 25% OFF
Sunday 1pm to 3pm 50% OFF, then 3pm to 4pm 75% OFF

For the more recent information on this sale and all of our upcoming estate sales please go to our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/ElliottsEstateSales

Living Room / Formal Dining:

strong>Bedrooms / Bathrooms:


Seasonal / Outdoors: