Elliott’s Facebook Auction

We’ve conducted a few Facebook Auctions in the past year. All have been very successful and our following enjoys participating in the new age of modern technology. Most auctions in Oklahoma are in an older, run down building with obnoxious staff that screams and yells through-out the entire auction. You could miss out on an item because you couldn’t see the item or maybe the auctioneer just didn’t do a good job of promoting the auction merchandise.

Not to mention, if you’ve attended a traditional auction recently you know that you’ll have to sit around through the entire auction to wait on the item you really want. They are going to auction off all the least valuable items at the beginning of the auction. At Elliott’s you’ll never have to wait for that fabulous find anymore. Literally you can bid anywhere on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

You’ll have an opportunity to preview items online. You may come by our store and preview the items, touch them and shop our entire showroom floor of items for sale right then. Our auction gallery is well lit, clean and we do not accept any merchandise that’s broken, chipped or smelly. We do our best to measure all items included in the auction and to describe each item throughly. We encourage everyone to participate in our Facebook Auctions.

We are accepting consignments as well as auction items. Please call Elliott with any questions you may have one what’s on his “wanted list” and what he’s accepting for his auctions.

All items will be sold via Facebook on Elliott’s Auction Group. If you are not a member of his auction group you can request an invitation to be a member. If you are accepted you’ll need to agree to the terms pinned at the top of the Facebook page.

These auctions are quick, fun and completely secure. We’ll send you an invoice shortly after the auction. You’ll pay for your winning items via our secure online payment service with credit/debit card and you’ll pick up your winning bids at our store. You will be required to bring your receipt for your purchases at pick-up. All sales are “As-Is-Where-Is” and you will need to bring help to load your purchases. Delivery will be available on all items for a fee.

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